Since 2006, our company PILIGRIM TRAVEL has transformed the Uzbek travel industry. We were the first to specialize in cultural, historic pilgrimages, and eco-tourism. Today, you have the benefit of our deep experience, unparalleled contacts, and the best professionals in the field! Today, PILIGRIM TRAVEL is a modern, high-tech company, prepared to meet any tourism demand in a changing world. We are privileged to offer you our experience, our people, our contacts, our facilities, and our incredible and unique destinations! We welcome you to our world, and look forward to having you as our guests and our friends!



Uzbekistan is famous for a wide variety of Uzbek Tubeteikas. An Uzbek Tubeteika is a round or conical cap with embroidered or woven patterns. It is the national headdress of the Uzbek people. A Tubeteika proudly adorns everyone, from the wise grey heads of old men, to the heads of newborns. No cultural ceremony is without one, especially during our traditional weddings where Tubeteikas are worn by the beautiful brides! Our folk proverb says: "A Tubeteika always suits a Dzhigit (our expert, brave horsemen!)".


We are a comprehensive travel services company, with decades of experience in Central Asia tourism. We are proud to take care of you at every stage of your adventure with us: From planning, to realization! We are committed in offering you the best service, and the best experience! We are a 24-hour service company, providing you with support on any travel issues while in our care! We are proud of our many years of success, and look forward to many more!

Our core values:

We "live" service. It is in our DNA, a defining element of our culture, of who we are!

"Travel - Share - Care" That is our motto, and it reflects what we believe and how we act to make our world a better place: Share our heritage, care for our guests, expand our horizons!

We promise to exceed your expectations every single time!

We believe in the uniqueness of our guests and our world. No tour, no trip, no experience is the same! We take pride in individualizing each and every tour!

We love what we do, and it shows!

We face our challenges head on, always moving forward, always learning, always improving!

We listen and accommodate our guest's choices and desires!

We strive for optimum service delivery: Efficiency, personalization, and immediacy.

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