Just recently, in 2006, PILIGRIM TRAVEL SYSTEM has begun to explore Uzbek travel industry. Mainly, specializing in cultural, religion and eco-tourism. Having worked through these years, we have managed to achieve significant results. We move forward and keep improving. Today, PILIGRIM TRAVEL SYSTEM is a modern high-tech company, prepared to meet any demand in the tourist segment. These were both difficult and interesting years of work for everyone who was a part of our team and made everyday life rich and filled with many events, which we should share with you, our friends!



Uzbekistan is famous for a wide variety of Uzbek tubeteikas. Uzbek tubeteika is “round or conical cap with embroidered or woven patterns, national headdress of Uzbek people”. Tubeteika adorns everyone, as grey heads of old men, so and tops of newborns and brides. Folk proverb says: “Tubeteika always suits a Dzhigit”.  


For over 10 years, we have been successfully working in the tourism market of the country and have established ourselves as leaders of the segment. We provide 24-hour online support on any issues. Today and always, PILIGRIM TRAVEL SYSTEM will strive to remain true to the principles we have relied on for many years and will continue to rely in our work!

Our core values:

For us, service is not just a service, but rendering services with Uzbek hospitality with focus on local values

Having slogan “Travelling, Sharing and Caring”, we believe that traveling can better save our world and heritage, by taking care of each other, we share experiences and learn how different we are

Show more than expected and exceed expectations

Each rout is unique and individual. It’s not just a copy-paste

Enjoy that what you are doing

Accept and respond challenges and keep moving forward, improving

Tolerance to guest’s choice

Maximum efficiency

Our partners: 

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